Tie-down Roping

A race against the stop watch, Tie-down Ropin' is one of the most popular of rodeo events. It's an event of perfect coordination between the rider and horse. The skill of both the rider and horse as a team can be the difference between winning or losing.

Things to look for:
The calf races into the arena at full speed, the roper follows with his lariat whirling above his head while overtaking the calf' at full gallop. After roping the calf, the rider must dismount the horse, go to the calf, throw it, then tie three of the calf s legs together with a short piece of rope. The tie must hold for six seconds. The roper remounts the horse and slacks the rope.

As the horse come back down, the cowboy straightens his legs so that his spurs are again over the bronc's shoulders as its front feet hit the ground. The rider must bring his feet back to touch the horse's neck each jump.

The difference between winning and losing is so slim that the times must deal in fractions of seconds, often with big dollars at stake.


“perfect coordination between the rider and horse“

-Tie-down Roping -